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P.O. Box 878
Simi Valley, CA 93062-0878

(805) 581-3723
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It’s very easy to help Amazon support us.
It costs you nothing and gives a little to CBE!

Box of 9 Printed Mini Matzos $10.00
Box of 12 Printed Regular Matzos $15.00

If you wish to purchase printed matzah, you can do that at the temple or RuthAnn’s home. Call first to make arrangements – 818.312.7266 or email 


Please join us at 7:00 pm on Zoom for our CBE Shabbat ServiceOur virtual synagogue will be open at 6:30 pm for some much needed “Shmooze Time” before the service.

Here is what you need to do to attend:
1. Click on this link
You may share this link with family and friends, but please do not post publicly.
2. When you do, if you don’t already have the Zoom app on your computer or smart phone, you will be asked to download the app. It’s free and safe so don’t worry!
3. You don’t need a prayerbook – the prayers will appear on the screen.
4. Bring your own shabbat candles, kippah, filled kiddush cup, challah and oneg.
5. When you join the service, your audio will be muted and your video will be off to make sure you are ready to participate. If you sign in before 7, please unmute yourself when ready and your room is quiet. If you arrive late, please remain on mute as the service will be in progress. Start your video as soon as you join the meeting.
Our service will include remembering Yahrzeits for March 13, 20, & 27th. We encourage you to let the Rabbi know if you are celebrating a March Birthday or Anniversary when she asks for Simchas! As always, a Mi Shebeirach prayer will be said for all of those who are in need of healing, so have their names handy.

Despite your generosity in sponsoring onegs, You may find it interesting that last year Women of CBE had a net loss of close to $1000 in our oneg shabbat fund.

So we are still accepting donations to the oneg fund. Now that CBE will be having weekly shabbat services on ZOOM on Friday nights, we will announce it as:
“A donation to the oneg fund has been made by….in honor/memory of…”

Donations can be made on line HERE or contact Meridith Patera and mail a check to:
Women of CBE Onegs
Box 878
Simi Valley, CA 93062-0878
Oneg sponsorships for the last 2 weeks will be announced this Friday.
Thank you for supporting the sisterhood and our temple during these trying times

All events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice due to the state of emergency. Please check your weekly emails and the CBE website ( for updates and further information.

These include:
Friday Shabbat services
CBE Religious School (B’nai mitzvah tutoring will continue; Rabbi & Meridith will be in touch)
Thank you for your patience at this difficult time. Stay healthy and safe!


L.A. Kosher Catering is still available if you wish to have your Passover meal prepared for you and your family. Contact them at:
You must order before March 27th and pick up your meal on April 8th from 9:00am -1:00pm.

The Israel and European trips have been cancelled until further notice.

A message from our rabbi:

Dear CBE Family,

Shalom to you.  In less than a few weeks our world has completely, drastically changed. “6 Degrees of Separation” and “No (wo)Man is an Island” certainly apply to all of us and remind us how intertwined we are with one another. The irony is that we now have to keep our distance – but only physically. I want to reach out and say hello to you during this time of staying home and let you know that we’re here for you at CBE. Feel free to be in touch with me if you would like to talk or if I can be of help to you. We are learning how to set up virtual services and are keeping in touch with our students on-line.

If you are at home, this is a good opportunity to peruse the many wonderful Jewish resources on-line these days, to entertain yourself and be uplifted and encouraged during this time of uncertainty. You may even find yourself catching up on a few things you’ve been meaning to do at home.

Here’s a a very good article from this past week’s Jewish Journal on how to keep things in perspective:

With blessings for health and strength in the days ahead!

Let us be strong and help one another.  “Zei gezunt” (Yiddish)- “LaBriut” (Hebrew)–לבריאות – to our health and well-being,

Rabbi Michele

Some services available from the Jewish community:

Community Call Line:

Our Federation’s Community Call Line will continue Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Fridays from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. If you or someone you know needs access to social services including financial assistance via our Max Factor Family Foundation Financial Assistance Network, please call our Community Call Line at (323) 761-8305.


Jewish Free Loan has free, no-interest loans available to cover expenses related to the Coronavirus.

Thank you for your patience at this difficult time. Stay healthy and safe!

A Prayer of Hope During this Pandemic
by Rabbi Naomi Levy

We are frightened, God,
Worried for our loved ones,
Worried for our world.
Helpless and confused,
We turn to You
Seeking comfort, faith and hope.

Teach us God, to turn our panic into patience,
And our fear into acts of kindness and support.
Our strong must watch out for our weak,
Our young must take care of our old.
Help each one of us to do our part to halt the spread of this virus

Send strength and courage to the doctors and nurses
In the frontlines of this battle,
Fortify them with the full force of their healing powers.
Send wisdom and insight to the scientists
Working day and night across the world to discover healing treatments.
Bless their efforts, God.
Fill our leaders with the wisdom and the courage
To choose wisely and act quickly.
Help us, God, to see that we are one world,
One people
Who will rise above this pandemic together.

Send us health God,
Watch over us,
Grace us with Your love,
Bless us with Your healing light.
Hear us God,
Heal us God,