Temple Board

CBE BOARD 2016-2017

President – Ryan Richmond
Executive Vice President – Debbie Knecht
VP/Membership –
Frieda Bahr
VP/Fundraising – Michael Mutal

VP/Programs – Sanford Miller & Alan Mann
VP/Havurah – Jill Katell
VP/Religious School – open
Social Action VP – open
Secretary – Daryl Sutton
Treasurer – Les Sutton
Financial Officer – Geri Brandler

Sisterhood President – RuthAnn Rossman
Men’s Club President – Glen Knecht

Preschool Director – Lindy Schneider
Preschool Office Manager – Robyn Voigt
Religious School Administrator – Meridith Patera
Temple Administrative Assistant – Marilyn Hollander

To contact any of the above, send an email to the temple with the person’s name as the subject.