Men’s Club


Congregation B’nai Emet Men’s Club

Vision Statement: To be a driving force in the galvanization of the Jewish Community in Simi Valley.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Men’s Club is to serve as a vehicle for the Men of CBE to come together in fellowship and brotherhood serving the needs of the Jewish Community of Simi Valley. We will work together to drive projects that support the operations of the Men’s Club, Congregation B’nai Emet, and the Jewish community as a whole through grants and scholarships.


  1. To promote brotherhood and community spirit through spiritual and social events.
  2. To raise funds that will allow the Men’s Club of Simi Valley to provide a gift to every Bar/Bat Mitzvah of Congregation B’nai Emet.
  3. To raise funds that meet the operating expenses of the Men’s Club.
  4. To give an annual contribution to the Synagogue.
  5. To establish funds that provide grants for students of the Synagogue to expand their Jewish experience through opportunities of participation and scholarship.
  6. To establish a fund that provides scholarships for those students of merit within the membership of the synagogue and the Jewish Community as a whole.


Third Sundays, 10:00

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