Sisterhood Calendar


2018-19 sisterhood Event Calendar

Generally all sisterhood board meetings are the 1st Tuesday of the month at the temple.

All general meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the temple.

Changes of date or location do occur due to the event or a holiday.


May 1                 Board meeting

May 8                 General meeting/Scams/Detective Tim    Lohman

June 5                 Board meeting

June 12              General meeting Game night at Jill’s

July  2                 Board meeting Mon. July 2

July  8                 Sisterhood Area Day, Valley Village, Temple Judea

July 10                General meeting/Dinner out (and movie)

Aug. 7                 Board meeting

Aug. ?                  Sunday brunch and lecture

Sept. 4                Board meeting

Sept. 9                Erev Rosh Hashana

Sept. 10             Rosh Hashana

Sept.  18            Kol Nidre

Sept. 19             Yom Kippur

Sept. 25             Succot Meeting in the Rabbi’s succah

Oct. 2                  Paid up Membership Dinner

Oct. 9                  Board meeting

Oct. 19-21        Pacific District 3 day convention San Diego

Nov. 6                 Board meeting

Nov. 11              Hanukkah boutique

Nov.13               General meeting-craft- iris folding Hanukkah cards

Dec. 4                 Board meeting

Dec. 9                 Temple Hanukkah play/dinner

Dec. 11               General meeting-Hanukkah party

Dec. 31               Possible New Year’s Eve party at temple


Jan. 2                   Board meeting, Wed. Jan. 2

Jan. 8                   General meeting- Entertainer to be announced

Nominating committee picked

Feb.6                 Board meeting

Feb.13               General meeting- Tu Bishvat seder

Presentation of ballot

Mar.6                 Board meeting

Mar.13               General meeting-election/Mitzvah activity

March 23          Annual Purim  Fundraiser

Apr. 3                 Board meeting

Apr. 10               General meeting-Installation of new board for 2019-2020 year


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