Gift Cards & Scrip



Gift cards are available for sale every Friday night after services and at most temple events. Every time you buy scrip, you help support the Sisterhood – which in turn supports your temple.

Using gift cards is easy – just like using a credit card – you hand it to a cashier and pay for what you buy!

To purchase gift cards, contact Gift Card Chair Bobbie Sion at sionfam@gmail.comor leave her a message at the temple: (805) 581-3723.

Click here for a NEW UPDATED list of cards you can order.

You can also order a personalized certificate so that your recipients can choose their own cards from our large selection.

B’nai mitzvah students: Register for the gift cards you want!!!




Every time you shop in Ralph’s, you can make money for the temple! Register your supermarket cards with us and sign up for this easy way to donate. Thank you for taking the time to show your commitment to Sisterhood of Congregation B’nai Emet and our community.

Members need to re-sign up for Ralphs Community Contribution. Each participant must re-enroll every year. The enrollment period started September 1, so please do this before your next visit to Ralphs. It takes less than a minute. If you haven’t done this yet:

Go to
Log in. If you haven’t done this before, you will need your Ralph’s card number.
Click on “My Account”.
Go to “Account Settings”.
Go to ” Community Rewards”.
Click on “Edit”.
When you get to “Find Your Organization”, enter: Sisterhood Congregation Bnai Emet #84703.
When “Organization Name” choices come up, select “Sisterhood Congregation Bnai Emet 9 West Bonita Drive, SIMI VALLEY, CA 84703”
Click “save” to complete enrollment.

Ralphs website is
For any escrip questions, contact Lois Friedman.