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Religious Education Program



For Religious School registration forms, click here. You can mail, fax or bring them to the temple or school.

Both pages of the Religious School Registration Form must be filled out and signed for new AND returning students, or students will not be able to attend class.


All Sunday students attend from 9 AM – 12 PM, with B’nai Mitzvah Class from 12:15 – 1:15.

JUDAICA HIGH is held 6 – 7:30 PM Monday nights at the temple. All students who have become b’nai mitzvah or who are in 8thgrade or higher are welcome to attend – no previous Jewish study or Hebrew is required. The three-year program leads to Confirmation at age 16 or at the end of tenth grade. This year’s topics will include Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Jewish body ethics, and the Prophets. Join us for fun, food and enlightenment!

Congregation B’nai Emet Religious School provides a program aimed at developing concepts that will strengthen the fabric of Jewish life and ensure the future of Judaism. Our goal is to deepen the Jewish experience and knowledge of students in order to strengthen their faith in God, love of Torah and identification with the Jewish people through involvement in the synagogue and participation in Jewish life.

The School provides classes for Kindergarten through Judaica High School. With the exception of Judaica High School, classes are held on Sundays for three hours, including a half-hour morning service, a Judaica session based on the child’s grade in public school and a session of Hebrew based on the child’s competence. Grades 8-10 (Judaica High School) attend class weekly on Monday evenings.


Sunday Religious School:

Students study Jewish holidays, thought, prayer, history, and Bible, as well as Hebrew, through texts, crafts, songs, plays, field trips, and hands-on experiences. There is a “theme” for the year. Last year’s theme was “The Prophets”. This year’s theme is “Mitzvot”, based on the idea that “mitzvah goreret mitzvah”: one mitzvah leads to another.

Milestones in Jewish Education

Students who are new to the school receive certificates, small torahs, and a special blessing at the consecration service early in the school year.

All students participate in several family shabbats with songs, prayers, and readings. Fourth graders will make their own tallises. Fifth graders will receive their own siddurim. 

Students have the chance to perform in a play at the temple Hanukkah party and in a pantomime of the Purim story at Purim. 

Seventh graders conduct their graduation service and read prayers they have written at the end of the school year.

Eight through Tenth Grades: Confirmation – Held during Shavuot, all Judaica High School students will participate in a Torah service and confirmands will present a special program.

Questions Regarding School:
If you have any questions concerning your child’s Jewish education time, please feel free to leave a message for the Vice President of Schools at (805) 581-3723 or contact School Administrator Meridith Patera at


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Meridith Shaw Patera has been involved in Jewish education since 1969, following her junior year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A native of Long Island, NY, she received a BA in Political Science with a certificate in Middle Eastern Studies and an MAT in Social Sciences and Hebrew from the State University of New York at Binghamton. She has also done extensive coursework in Jewish education and administration. She has taught preschool through adults in public, Jewish day and congregational schools in New York, Florida, Texas and now in California. She has been with CBE Religious School since 1988 and became School Administrator in 1992. Meridith is the author of two books, Kings and Things: 20 Plays for Jewish Kids, and Skits and Shpiels,14 Plays for Grades 4 to 9, and several plays for adults. She also produces adult musicals for the temple Hanukkah party. She lives in Moorpark with her sons Bennett, Sam and Max.