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There are many ways to participate in our warm and wonderful community! Check out the links below, and if you have an idea for a new group, activity, or event you want to lead, let us know!

Join the choir; no music-reading ability necessary! Whether you starred in your high school musical, or only serenade your loofah in the shower, we welcome your voice!

Join us on Zoom each month (ish) for stimulating discussion of fascinating reads, both fiction and non-fiction, selected by the book club members.

If you want to commemorate a loved one's passing, fill out our yahrzeit reminder form to receive a notification when the date is approaching, and add the deceased's name to our list for announcement at Shabbat services.

We enact Tikkun Olam, both within the congregation and in the larger community, in many ways: feeding the needy, collecting everyday items for the less-fortunate, and forging strong connections. Lend a hand or lead a new initiative!

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